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Helping Digital Business Profession­als with their next Career Move

What we do

Digipool is a pool of talented digital business professionals. We continuously meet lots of people and we know them far better than if they were just profiles in a recruitment system. Let’s check whether we might have just the right candidates for your company needs.

As a recruiting company we offer you


Recruitment process

Recruitment process that goes well with your schedule and budget. Let’s plan how we go through a tailored recruitment process. The cost depends on what we do – it is not a price list cast in stone. We personally visit your company and we try our best to get to know you and your team, what your company does and what the job description is for the person we seek.

Recruitment consultation service

Not just one recruitment case every now and then but you can rent a recruitment consultant that works with you as many days you need in a project or continuously in background checking, planning, interviewing etc. This professional is on our payroll.

Project Managers & Consulting

Not just recruitment but you can pick a project manager from our pool to join your digitalization project or start digital marketing activities in your company – anything you might need. This professional is on our payroll.

We offer you a wide range of consulting in your HR related needs and internationalization projects. 

Feel free

Feel free to communicate with us in Finnish or English.

For the applicant

1. Tired of filling in your information on job applications day after day?  We are trying our best to avoid forms and systems you have to fill. Just send your information to or let’s start with your LinkedIn profile, CV later when needed.

2. Need personal assistance or a sparring partner to help you in getting more interviews and better results while job-hunting? A cup of coffee and a chat – then we start.



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